Ferrari 250 GT T-Shirt

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Ferrari 250 GT T-Shirt
Disc brakes and a 276 bhp V12 may not sound that special today, but in 1961 it was epic! Ferrari created one of the most beautiful drop tops, sorry, California’s, ever and then decided to build only 55 of them. The car shot to fame in 1986 when it was used by Ferris Bueller during one of his legendary ‘days off’ but more recently it became known for being one of the most expensive cars in history. On May 18th 2008, a black 1961 SWB example that had been owned by The Magnificent Seven star James Coburn, was sold for 6.4 million Euros/£5.5 million/$10,894,900 (€7,040,000 including fees). The buyer; non other than our favourite radio DJ Chris Evans. Are we jealous...? Oh you bet we are!
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