Ferrari Dino T-Shirt

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Ferrari Dino T-Shirt
Named after Enzo Ferrari’s son, Alfredo ‘Dino’ Ferrari – who died aged only 24 – it has become one of the most famous cars to ever leave the Maranello gates.

Produced with Fiat and sold as a model separate to the Ferrari range, it never wore the Prancing Horse badge. The 246 Dino arrived in 1968 and had a 195bhp 2.4-litre V6 which could trace its roots back to Alfredo Ferrari’s design of the Fifties.

Styling was by Pininfarina and the car was sold with a hard-top GT bodystyle until an open-top GTS version arrived in 1971. When production ended, nearly 2,500 examples had been built and we think it’s the most beautiful Ferrari’s they never made.