Ford Mustang Boss T-Shirt

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Ford Mustang Boss T-Shirt
The Boss 302 was produced for just one purpose... racing! When Chevrolet introduced the Camaro back in 1967, Mustang sales began to slide to Ford needed something they could go racing with to take on the Camaro having taken a bit of a pasting thanks to the Camaro’s small and big block V8’s.

Ford, in an effort to burnish their "total performance" image introduced the 428 Cobra Jet in 1968, and in 1969, built one of Detroit’s most famous power plants, the Ford Boss 302 engine. The design was a composite engine using the "tunnel port" Windsor block and large Cleveland heads and was fitted to customer cars to ensure Ford could use it in the Tran-Am series against the Camaro’s.

In 1970 you could turn up at the drag strip in your stock Mustang and run the ¼ mile in just 14.6 seconds, a time that would still be competitive for a modern sports coupe today. But it had more than just straight-line speed. Thanks to its competition suspension and discs brakes up front, this was a Mustang that could shine through the twisty stuff too, something it proved by winning the 1970’s Trans-Am championship series.

Legend of a car and adds a slice of Americana to the t-torque range.
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